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Think of the last time you bought something you really cared about: a life insurance policy, a coffee pot, or maybe even lip balm. (Some people really care about lip balm.) Think of the amount of Googling you did, the types of people and publications you turned to for advice, until you were confident you were buying the best thing for you.

My-review.net does all that work for you. Then, we package it up to tell the story of our discoveries and, most importantly, be your research partner so you can make a purchase you won’t regret.

We evaluate and write reviews about a wide range of items that are used in the garden, including items in the categories listed below:

  • Arts & Entertainment
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  • Education
  • Employment Jobs
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  • Languages
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We do not review plants, seeds, growing medium, or chemicals of any kind. Nor do we review decorative items or accessories. However, we welcome sponsorship opportunities with products/companies that fall into these categories.

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